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Where You will Save Water
and Save Money

If you own or manage high density residential communities such as apartment buildings, condominium associations, retirement communities, student housing, hotels or government housing, right now, approximately 20% of the toilets in those units are leaking. Just Google “what percent of toilets leak?”. Detailed studies have shown that if the leaking toilets are fixed, water usage goes down 10% to 30% with an average of around 15% to 20%.

Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks come in two types. The first type is from a worn flapper valve that lets water slowly seep out of the tank until the fill float is actuated. This is a repetitious process and accounts for approximately 20% of all water loss through leaking toilets. The far more damaging leak is when the flapper sticks open and water runs continuously. This can waste typically about 3 gallons per minute. People flush the toilet and leave for work, the flapper sticks open and water runs for the next 10 hours wasting 1800 gallons of water. This is approximately 2.5, 100 ft.³ billing units.

Our product, the patented Time-Lock Dual-Stop fill valve virtually eliminates all the water that is lost from stuck open flapper valves by automatically shutting off the inflow of water into the tank if the flow valve doesn’t shut off the inflow after one minute. Instead of wasting 1800 gallons as in the example above, with the Dual-Stop only 3 gallons would have been wasted.

Further, each Dual-Stop comes with a brand-new flapper valve to be installed at the same time that the new fill valve is installed. This eliminates the remaining 20% of the toilet leaks that are due to old, worn out flapper valves.

Proven Savings

We know from experience that once toilet leaks are brought under control in a multifamily residential environment, water usage goes down 10% to 30% and this fact will manifest itself for you. When you receive your water bill for the month after installing Dual-Stop all you need to do is note the total water usage and then compare that to the same month in the previous year. You’ll be surprised at how much water is saved by just fixing your leaking toilets.
Of course, when you save water, you save money. This savings is transferred immediately from your utilities expense column into your net operating column thereby increasing your cash flow and increasing the value of your property based upon the application of the cap rate to your increased operating income.

Sustainability Goals

Lowering your water usage by 10% to 30% is turbocharging your sustainability efforts. Look at your current water bill. How many 100 ft.³ billing units are shown? Each 100 ft.³ billing unit is 748 gallons. What are the total gallons? Now take 10% of that, 20% of that, 30% of that. What else have you done that can save that much water?


Anyone who can install a new toilet fill valve is fully qualified to install a Dual-Stop replacement because it is exactly the same procedure. The Dual-Stop has a sliding float exactly like the ubiquitous Fluid Master fill valve found in every major home improvement store. In addition, each Dual-Stop comes with a brand-new high-quality flapper valve that can be installed concurrent with the installation of the Dual-Stop. Including transiting between units, you can calculate that a maintenance person can install 6-10 Dual-Stop’s per hour.

How Does It Work?

The Dual-Stop has a timer built into the valve. The timer is actuated by a lever which is attached by a chain to the toilet handle exactly like the flapper valve is attached by a chain to the toilet handle. When the flush handle is used it moves the lever, setting the timer and opening the flapper valve. If the flapper valve works as it is supposed to and the tank fills, the float shuts off the water flow as normal. However, if the flapper valve sticks open and the tank doesn’t fill, the float won’t stop the water flow but the Dual-Stop will.

If the Dual-Stop shuts off the water, the tank remains empty. However, when the flush handle is actuated again, it resets the timer, and the water begins flowing refilling the tank. Of course, the resident does have to wait until the tank refills before it can be flushed. This alerts the resident that there is something amiss with the flushing mechanism which encourages them to get the problem corrected. However, if they want to live with that functionality, they certainly can but at least they are not wasting thousands of gallons of water per month.


There is no minimum order. A leaking toilet can be more devastating in a single-family rental or a 2-4-6-8 Plex because a toilet that is sticking open can literally quadruple the water bill in a single month. For larger orders, we encourage you to order one spare unit for every 30 so that you do have replacements on hand. Because the Dual-Stop comes with a five-year warranty, having replacements means that you can replace a faulty unit immediately while your warranty for the defective unit is being processed.

The price per Dual-Stop is $40 plus shipping and applicable sales tax if required. Please click the button below to complete an order request or call our toll-free number to speak to a representative. We accept Visa and MasterCard. For orders over $15,000 we offer very attractive and tax advantageous leasing terms that can include installation labor.